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Constructing High Quality Garage Buildings and More for Dayton, Ohio

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  • All types of Garages
  • Building Garage
  • Commercial Building
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Metal Buildings
  • Medical Buildings
  • Self Storage buildings
  • Air craft hangers
  • Churches
  • Gynasiums
  • Auto repair shops

Lincoln Restoration & Pole Barns specializes in many aspects of construction: roofing, siding, gutters, pole barns, and concrete works. However, our services don't end there. In fact, we are also one of the leading garage builders in Dayton, OH, perfectly capable of performing any related sort of construction service. Aside from that, we also handle all kinds of residential or commercial projects such as shops, storage spaces, churches, aircraft hangers, gymnasiums and/or auto repair shops.

We have been providing our service to the city for the last 10 years, and within that amount of time, we’ve already managed to complete more than 500 construction projects, including new works as well as repairs, additions, and replacements. This figure can serve as proof that our construction services are sought after by most residents, and for a sound reason. That’s because we work with your property insurance company when dealing with repairs or restorations. And we collaborate with other construction, electrical, and real estate companies for other types of projects. With our approach to construction, there’s simply no room for low-quality results.

So if you want a construction project done on time without any fuss, check out what we have to offer. Call us at 937-985-2501 or send us an email at baasie@aol.com for any inquiries or to set an appointment with us.

From garage buildings in Dayton, Ohio to pole barns, we have it all for you here at Lincoln Restoration & Pole Barns. If you are in need of a new building to house livestock or to store supplies such as firewood and tools, or if you would just like to have a place where you can entertain your guests, we have the solution for you. We specialize in anything that has to do with construction. We make sure that your money does not go to waste as we build them to last.

Phone: 937-985-2501

DIRECT CELL: 301-728-5619

Email: baasie@aol.com

Location: Greater Dayton, Ohio area

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