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Commercial and Residential Farm Buildings and Pole Barns in Dayton, OH

Aside from pole barn building in Dayton, OH, Lincoln Restoration and Pole Barns also specializes in a variety of other building improvement and renovation services for both homeowners and commercial building managers alike.

As primarily a pole barn construction company, we understand how important it is that the pole barns we build be of utmost structural integrity. Pole barns, in order to be truly long lasting and durable, should have all their parts built with precision, expertise and with the use of great-quality materials. This includes the roofing, the siding, the gutter systems, the girts, down to the poles that are driven deep into the ground layer.

Recognizing this need for a multifaceted skillset that does not only focus on one area of construction but also on several other areas, we at Lincoln Restoration and Pole Barns can also handles projects—residential or commercial, that involve: roofing, concrete and/or metal construction, gutters, siding.

As you can see, these services complement each other whenever we get to work on building a pole barn. Your pole barns will have its roofs, gutter systems, sidings, and any concrete or metal parts fashioned and installed by long-time experts and professionals. This does not mean that these services can’t stand alone for those who need them specifically. Does your house or commercial building need quality roofing or siding? Or perhaps a reliable gutter system? Do you need something concrete or metal built? Lincoln Restoration and Pole Barns has got your problems answered with our quality services.

If you’re thinking of availing our services in pole barn building in Dayton, OH, we’re your guys for a long-lasting, visually impressive, truly functional and affordable pole barn. Historically, these buildings are famed for their combination of affordability and functionality. Contact us now at 937-985-2501 for inquiries, or view our other services!

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  • Concrete Pads
  • Garage floors
  • Side walks
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Residential & Commercial Gutters

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  • 5 or 6 inch Gutters

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