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When it comes to commercial building projects such as office spaces, classrooms, gymnasiums, and more, LINCOLN RESTORATION Commercial Buildings, Pole Barns and Steel building has all the necessary skills to build you one in Dayton, Ohio. As professional classroom builders in the area, we know that structural integrity is highly important that is why we employ the best techniques and we use materials of the highest quality to ensure the security of the building construction.

What do we do?


When it comes to construction projects, the planning process is one of the most crucial parts. Say, for example, that you are planning to construct an office building in Dayton. This stage covers the scope of the structural plans, what the building will look like, how to build it, materials to use, and how long it will take to finish the construction.


For this part, we are committed to providing accurate and realistic budget estimations to make sure that there will be no unnecessary expenditures. We also take into consideration the amount you are willing to spend so that we can create a budget plan that will not exceed your financial limit.


Once everything is ready and if both parties have agreed on a solid plan, then we can start the construction.

This is just a simplified version of what we do during building construction. As your Dayton’s local classroom and office building builders, we will be glad to help you with any queries about the construction plans. And if you want to find out more, feel free to get in touch with us at LINCOLN RESTORATION Commercial Buildings, Pole Barns and Steel building, and let’s start planning.

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