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As a local construction company, we at Lincoln Restoration & Pole Barns are proud of the quality of our services as these are the foundations of any full construction project. With that said, we’d like to highlight our commercial and residential roofing in Dayton, Ohio as one of our company’s specialties

On your own, it can be difficult to change the roofing of your house or your barn, especially if the weather is not cooperating. You have to work against the clock just to finish the project before the rain starts to pour. Most of the time, the project turns out half-finished or poorly constructed. It’s understandable as time and the weather are most often not in our favor. We take that dilemma out of the picture by providing a service that is not only fast but durable, leaving you free to spend time on more important things like tending to the kids or working on the farm.

Lincoln Restoration & Pole Barns will provide you with anything you need related to roofing, whether that’s shingle installment or metal roof installation. We understand that the roof is the hat to your home or commercial property, providing shade during the hot summers and warding off rain, snow or hail during the winters and other rainy seasons. And so, we make sure that the roof we build for you has excellent quality and ventilation. A well-planned out roof can offer your house increased durability and comfort according to its general climate conditions. We also consider attic spaces and the possibility of the roof as an added space for more house upgrades and functions such as solar panel roofing, natural skylight panels, or a rooftop garden.

So for any residential or commercial roofing in Dayton, Ohio, choose only Lincoln Restoration & Pole Barns! Just call us at 301-728-5619 or email us at to set an appointment with us or send us any of your inquiries. Feel free to browse through the website for more information.

It doesn’t matter if you need it for your house, garage, barn, or business; we’ll build you a quality roof that’s sure to stand strong against our city’s calamities, protecting your property effectively against harsh surroundings.